My Vacation Experience at Sleeps Cabin

Every year, for the past ten years, my husband and I have vacationed at Sleeps Cabins on beautiful Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho. We leave early from our home to arrive by early afternoon. The sun knew we were coming and shined her light extra bright on our way there. Truly, I don’t know why I even bothered trying to sleep the night before. I have been packed for weeks, with only a few incidentals to tuck into my suitcase before our departure. To the lake, to the green and blue, with peace and serenity waiting. Just waiting. I waited. And waited. The day was finally here. The anticipation was deafening, but I never spoke a word in the car. I wanted to be still and think about what I was going to see when we arrived. I wanted to think about how I would feel when we go there. It seemed like forever, and I could feel my heart beating faster with each mile.

At long last, we were less than a mile away from such indescribable bliss. I watched my husband signal to turn right on the short road to our cabin. My window was wide open as I breathed in the pine scent and lake water. The car barely came to a stop. With a flash I was out of my forever car seat and took off on a dead run to that water! That beautiful and delicious water. Thankfully, I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes. Down the lawn I sped, as fast as my 72 year old legs would take me. As I stepped onto the dock, I held my breath for what was to be my hello. I dove into that water and felt such a crisp awakening. Oh my….I was finally back home.


Why Book Your Summer Family Vacation at Sleep’s Cabins

Family Lake VacationWhen you think of your perfect family vacation, what images come to mind? Does it involve your kids laughing and playing outside all day? Does it include time together as a family making lasting memories? Do you see yourself enjoying fresh air, gorgeous views and an escape from your digital lives? If so, your dream vacation is waiting for you.

When you and your family book your next summer vacation with Sleep’s Cabins, you will experience the beauty and splendor of northern Idaho while making memories that will last a lifetime.


Here are a few of the many reasons you should book your summer family vacation at Sleep’s Cabins.

#1. Your family will enjoy your own private cabin, complete with everything you’ll need for a fantastic stay at the lake. Each cabin comes fully furnished and stocked with all the housewares you’ll need. Our amenities include quality bed linens and towels, a well-equipped kitchen, and an outdoor barbecue area that consists of a grill, table and chairs.

#2. Our grounds offer plenty of outdoor activities for everyone in your group. Take advantage of everything that Lake Pend Oreille has to provide when you stay at Sleep’s Cabins. With amazing views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, you and your family will enjoy convenient lake access from our private docks as well as a dedicated swimming hole. Fishing, boating and swimming are just steps away from your front door. We supply both kid & adult paddle boards, kayaks and life jackets. We also have a couple of adult bikes for riding across the famous Long Bridge into town for coffee at Evans Brothers, or some homemade ice cream at Panhandle Cone & Coffee. You can also continue your fun into the evening by enjoying gorgeous sunsets and a lakeside campfire at one of our fire pits.

#3. When you are ready to explore the local area, Sandpoint, Idaho has so much to offer. This quaint town offers year-round mountain sports and events at the Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort. Explore the surrounding forests with a family hike, or spend a day at the local water park, Silverwood Theme Park, for a fun-filled adventure.

Sleep’s Cabins promises to become “Your Place at the Lake,” and we work hard to deliver. For a fun, memorable outdoor adventure, you can’t go wrong with this lakeside getaway. Book your next vacation today.


Vacation Memories from Sandpoint

Back in the day, a family vacation might consist of loading the station wagon with bathing suits, beach towels, Coppertone and sleeping bags, then hitting the road for a four-hour car trip to a rented cabin on a lake. Mom and dad in the front, dog and kids fighting for room in the back, playing the alphabet game, and asking every 30 minutes, “Are we there yet…?” No cell phones, no DVD players, no electronic games, just the sounds of your brothers whining, “She’s looking at me….” Now that’s the start of a great family vacation to the lake.

In North Idaho, with three major lakes within 100 miles of each other, and countless small lakes along the way, there is a cornucopia of vacation spots to choose from. So recapture those memories of the lake in order to pass them down to your children. Just a 5.5 hour drive from Seattle, beautiful, quaint Sandpoint, Idaho, situated on the North Shore of Lake Pend Oreille, is practically on your doorstep.

When looking for lodging options, you’ll want to check out Sleep’s Cabins (, locally owned and operated by Brent and Tawnie Sleep. Located on the South end of the lake’s iconic Long Bridge, these charming lakefront cottages start at just $195 per night (even in high season), with some sleeping 6 or more per cabin and full kitchens. A stay at Sleep’s is like a step back to those childhood summers, when your morning started with a swimsuit and the evenings ended with a sunburn and fishing off the dock with grandpa. Campfire by the lake and s’mores for all. We slept like babies and woke to more lake fun for days. Memories that we will always cherish!

Written By Tamara Williams

Sleep Family Cabin #31

Welcome Home

Our local publication, Sandpoint Living Local, published an article about our cabin’s in the July 2016 issue.


North Idaho treasure provides
magical vacation


IT’S NOT ONLY A FAMILY TREASURE but a community treasure
as well. Sleep’s Cabins, located on the south side of the Long Bridge just off Highway 95 on Lakeshore Drive, has been a place where three generations have created lifelong memories. And that is not about to
end anytime soon.
Built by the grandparents of current owner Brent Sleep in the 1930s, the cabins that sit on the shores of beautiful Lake Pend Oreille have been a vacation spot for many over the decades. A place where people create memories of family vacations, reunions, ladies’ weekends and romantic getaways. And while there have been changes to the cabins
over the last couple of years, much remains the same.When contemplating the repairs that needed to be done to some of the structures, it was then Brent and his wife Tawnie decided to provide the gift of lakeside living to others who can call this sanctuary home. In addition to continuing to rent out several cabins, they decided to replace a few of the older homes.Of the original seven cabins, there are three that have been replaced with beautiful up-to-date homes that complement the rustic older cabins. Two of the homes have sold, one is currently for sale and there is also a lake lot for sale. But the good news is, they still rent out four of the original cabins as well. And if you have never stayed there, you must put it on your to do list.

IMG_1193“We wanted to keep some cabins to continue to rent to those who
vacation here as well,” said Tawnie who said the original Sleep Family
Cabin, which sleeps up to 10 comfortably, is the perfect option for large
families or those who want to vacation with friends. And with rates as
low as $95 per night in the off season for one of the smaller cabins, it is
a wonderful getaway for those traveling from far away or for locals just
looking to enjoy a “staycation” on the lake.


With breathtaking views of the majestic mountains and lake, a dock at
the water’s edge, and a lakeside campfire, guests enjoy magical sunsets and the serenity this location offers. Whether it is swimming, fishing or enjoying a great barbecue, guests have often referred to Sleep’s Cabins as a slice of paradise.As you walk into the cabins, you not only feel as though you are entering a peaceful retreat, but you will get a lesson in history as well. Preserving the history of not only the cabins but also the generations
that came before them is important to both Brent and Tawnie. The décor, which includes shelves of old books from which to choose, takes you back to a simpler time.
A true North Idaho gem, Sleep’s Cabins offers a unique blend of comfort and coziness. One visitor shared that it was her second time coming to the cabin and it felt “just like coming home.” Others have commented on not only the accommodations, but also the friendliness of the Sleep family and the community of Sandpoint, which is just a
short drive across the Long Bridge.So whether you are hosting guests from out of town or looking for a getaway in one of the most beautiful places in the world, be sure to put Sleep’s Cabins at the top of your list. And I guaranty your first visit will not be your last.

31 Sleep’s Cabins Lane
Sagle, ID 83860
208.255.2122 or 866.302.2122