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My Vacation Experience at Sleeps Cabin

Every year, for the past ten years, my husband and I have vacationed at Sleeps Cabins on beautiful Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho. We leave early from our home to arrive by early afternoon. The sun knew we were coming and shined her light extra bright on our way there. Truly, I don’t know why I even bothered trying to sleep the night before. I have been packed for weeks, with only a few incidentals to tuck into my suitcase before our departure. To the lake, to the green and blue, with peace and serenity waiting. Just waiting. I waited. And waited. The day was finally here. The anticipation was deafening, but I never spoke a word in the car. I wanted to be still and think about what I was going to see when we arrived. I wanted to think about how I would feel when we go there. It seemed like forever, and I could feel my heart beating faster with each mile.

At long last, we were less than a mile away from such indescribable bliss. I watched my husband signal to turn right on the short road to our cabin. My window was wide open as I breathed in the pine scent and lake water. The car barely came to a stop. With a flash I was out of my forever car seat and took off on a dead run to that water! That beautiful and delicious water. Thankfully, I was wearing my swimsuit under my clothes. Down the lawn I sped, as fast as my 72 year old legs would take me. As I stepped onto the dock, I held my breath for what was to be my hello. I dove into that water and felt such a crisp awakening. Oh my….I was finally back home.


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