Tomorrow We Ride – a guest post by Mary

Among the many amenities that Sleeps provides, are paddle boards. They can be sheer frustration or utter victory. Not much in between. Built almost the size of a twin bed, one would think that a paddle board would be snap to ride. I suppose that they forget to factor in the condition of the lake that day. A smooth surface is ideal, however do allow for some choppy water and the occasional wake from a boat. When I tried a wake board for the first time, I was wishing that there was a hotline that I could call to cancel all boating until I was done. It’s only fair.

The boards come equipped with a paddle. If used properly, it functions as a brace. However, I can’t tell you how many times I was nearly impaled by that apparatus! Just staying on top of the board for a minute or so was a major accomplishment! I experienced anything from a belly flop to mastering the most painful wedgie. Balance is key. Did I mention getting back on the board requires every muscle in your entire body? Not one to give up, I would say that I remounted that thing at least forty times in twenty minutes. No beginner’s luck here. Definitely not! I was really good at laying down and using my arms as paddles. I swear the paddle was laughing at me! Not to mention the stares from other lake people.

In the morning my body hurt so bad I was certain that a Mack truck had added a digit to its dashboard fatality tally. Even my toes hurt and I hadn’t even tried to Hang Ten! Please don’t let this discourage you. Some people are naturals…I don’t like them! Enough of that, I am, for sure, better at s’mores!

– Mary

Why Book Your Summer Family Vacation at Sleep’s Cabins

Family Lake VacationWhen you think of your perfect family vacation, what images come to mind? Does it involve your kids laughing and playing outside all day? Does it include time together as a family making lasting memories? Do you see yourself enjoying fresh air, gorgeous views and an escape from your digital lives? If so, your dream vacation is waiting for you.

When you and your family book your next summer vacation with Sleep’s Cabins, you will experience the beauty and splendor of northern Idaho while making memories that will last a lifetime.


Here are a few of the many reasons you should book your summer family vacation at Sleep’s Cabins.

#1. Your family will enjoy your own private cabin, complete with everything you’ll need for a fantastic stay at the lake. Each cabin comes fully furnished and stocked with all the housewares you’ll need. Our amenities include quality bed linens and towels, a well-equipped kitchen, and an outdoor barbecue area that consists of a grill, table and chairs.

#2. Our grounds offer plenty of outdoor activities for everyone in your group. Take advantage of everything that Lake Pend Oreille has to provide when you stay at Sleep’s Cabins. With amazing views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, you and your family will enjoy convenient lake access from our private docks as well as a dedicated swimming hole. Fishing, boating and swimming are just steps away from your front door. We supply both kid & adult paddle boards, kayaks and life jackets. We also have a couple of adult bikes for riding across the famous Long Bridge into town for coffee at Evans Brothers, or some homemade ice cream at Panhandle Cone & Coffee. You can also continue your fun into the evening by enjoying gorgeous sunsets and a lakeside campfire at one of our fire pits.

#3. When you are ready to explore the local area, Sandpoint, Idaho has so much to offer. This quaint town offers year-round mountain sports and events at the Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort. Explore the surrounding forests with a family hike, or spend a day at the local water park, Silverwood Theme Park, for a fun-filled adventure.

Sleep’s Cabins promises to become “Your Place at the Lake,” and we work hard to deliver. For a fun, memorable outdoor adventure, you can’t go wrong with this lakeside getaway. Book your next vacation today.